Dippers, Doctors, Fishermen and Fops

Quarter-History Tours (SINGLE TICKETS)

  • 12 British pounds
  • Kings Road

Service Description

A Promenade Comedy History Tour Join Brighton's Original Regency Characters on a coastal adventure. Meet Dr Russell and marvel at his Aquatic Seawater Cures! Learn how Martha Gunn and the Dippers taught the aristocracy the art of Wild Swimming! How did the Doctor and the Dippers work together? What are the dynamics of the Modesty Bathing Booth? Would a lady's wild swim be compromised by amorous lobsters, cantankerous crabs or the roving eyes of lustful gentlemen. Marvel as Martha Gunn fights off Napoleon and single handedly keeps the Regency afloat! Discover how a visionary Doctor collaborated with fishing folk to save Brighton from obscurity! A unique time-travelling, character comedy promenade through Brighton’s unique coastal past. Informative and very entertaining’ Each tour lasts for 1 hour which includes: the theatre-promenade history tour finishing in the Museum.

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